The Hotter I Get


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You bet I do fragrancing your room and home with my sexy scent…lets get hot together 😉

Pure eco- soy wax is triple scented with your choice of Explicit Body Cares signature fragrances which are expertly blended:

Signature Scent 1 –  is as fresh as it gets, incorporating citrus and fresh ocean notes alongside, patchouli, amber and oakmoss.

Signature Scent 2 – in this elegant scent, the intensity of the lily is gently wrapped in the oriental notes of bamboo. An enticing combination that works well in any environment.



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  • Natural Wax Melts Australia for cheeky chicks
    • Hand made with natural soy wax and triple scented with a mix of high-quality fragrant oils giving a large scent throw that will fill a large space with beautiful, ambient aroma.
    • Each melt will last a minimum of 9 hours, or until the fragrance has diluted.
    • Place one melt in the top of your favourite oil burner, do not add water, as your oil burner warms up the melt will liquefy and give off fragrance. Once your oil burner has cooled down the melt will again solidify ready for your next use.
    • Life is too short to be boring so let’s get hot together!😜

      Explicit Body Care products are made fresh with no nasty preservatives.

      Explicit Body Care is committed to making your shopping experience both easy to follow and full of inner cheeky behaviour! Whilst our labels are hilarious the products themselves are made with care and quality ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness and excellence. Our products are never tested on our furry friends only willing human beings…mostly our own children!!

      Bringing you freakin awesome Natural Wax Melts, Australia. Here at Explicit Body Care, we believe that life is too short to be serious all the time. We are shakin’ things up a little with our cheeky brand that expresses real life and real Aussie humour. Don’t be afraid to express yourself get hot today!

      If you are a funky little retailer with a great sense of humour and love what you see here get in touch we love making new friends

      Love our Soy Wax Candles, Australia? Check out the F- Bomb! and chill the F*ck out!

Signature Scent

1, 2


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