All our cheeky natural bath and body products are made in Australia by us. We source all our natural ingredients from Australian suppliers and ensure that they of are of the highest quality and meet all Australian guidelines. No bullshit here peeps… All Aussie home grown!

Here at Explicit Body Care we are animal lovers and no product of ours is tested on animals or contain any animal products making them vegan friendly too!. All our natural bath and body products are tested by us on willing friends and family …and mostly our own children!

We currently accept paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Afterpay payments

Prices and taxes

The prices that appear on this website (AUD$) are quoted in Australian dollars only and are inclusive of all taxes. There are no additional tax charges at the checkout

Yes we do…please contact us we are only too happy to work with you.

Absolutely!  We love getting our cheeky Australian natural bath and body products out to your beautiful boutiques …please fill in the wholesale enquiry form and we will be in touch.

Possibly?….if you are ordering 20 or more products and and do not qualify for Wholesaler discounting please contact us we may be able to offer you a % discount.