Lip Balm

Get Moist

Lip, sip and pucker up all day long with our natural lip balm

Ditch the store-bought crapstick and check out our super moisturising lip balm. We have created a great product to get you oh so moist babes! And worked hard to get it to be the best natural lip balm Australia wide. Get those dry ass lips super kissable and moist with our cute range of lip balms. Just perfect for throwing in your handbag and grabbing on the go when you need to get insta perfect on the run!

If you love our range and would like to have our funky little lip balm pots featured in your store contact us. We love getting out stuff into the hands of fun-loving Aussies.

Click here to enquire about wholesale if you love a good laugh, are easy-going and love quality Australian made natural bath and body with a cheeky side. We want to get close to you.

We all have a cheeky side, right!  Everyone has a dirty mind – You know you do… even if you don’t want to admit it!! Here at Explicit Body Care we combine the two and create some cheeky bathing pleasure…I know you want to get that best friend a hilarious birthday present…whose mouth doesn’t go straight to the gutter when you and a few girlfriends get together over some vino …You might have a dirty mind but on the outside, you just want to be clean and smell as fresh as a daisy. We got you covered girlfriend!!