Natural No Nasties French Green Clay

Face Masks & Cleanser

Get Shit Faced Naturally

Treat your resting bitch face with our natural face masks

Go get your face jam on girlfriend and try one of our cheeky natural face masks. Perfect for you and your beauty lovin bestie. Made with all natural ingredients like Australian ivory clay, kaolin clay and essential oils to get your skin feelin as soft and smooth as a new born butt! Relax  that resting bitch face of yours or go and get shit faced with one of these rejuvenating natural face masks and bring some Sass into your self-care routines.  

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We all have a cheeky side, right!  Everyone has a dirty mind – You know you do… even if you don’t want to admit it!! Here at Explicit Body Care we combine the two and create some cheeky bathing pleasure…I know you want to get that best friend a hilarious birthday present…whose mouth doesn’t go straight to the gutter when you and a few girlfriends get together over some vino …You might have a dirty mind but on the outside, you just want to be clean and smell as fresh as a daisy. We got you covered girlfriend!!