Body Scrubs

Get Bootyliscious

Kick-arse booty-lovin natural body scrubs for you, babes.

Try out one of the best natural body scrubs in Australia. These cheeky natural body scrubs will leave you buffed better than a new car in any showroom. Used weekly the all-over body scrub benefits will soon become obvious with your skin becoming soft, nourished shiny and smooth. Give one of our best body scrubs to you scrubber friends for a cheeky gift with huge benefits.

Why should your bathroom be boring when you’re not!

Here at Explicit Body Care, we are animal lovers and no product of ours is tested on animals or contain any animal products making them vegan friendly too! 

All our natural bath and body products are tested by us on willing friends and family …and mostly our own children!

All our cheeky natural bath and body products are made in Australia. We source all our natural ingredients from Australian suppliers and ensure that they are of the highest quality and meet all Australian guidelines. 

No bullshit here peeps… All Aussie homegrown!

Are you a funky little retailer who loves a clean body and a dirty mind & you love what you see here get in touch we want our products in your store as much as you do