Tub-time treats for luscious bathroom babes - shop our range of bangin’ natural bath bombs

Natural Bath Bombs for bangin’ bathroom babes. All our bath bombs are made by hand in our factory right here in Australia. We pride ourselves on being natural, handmade, vegan, cruelty-free and of course Aussie homegrown. And… using only the finest natural skin lovin” ingredients sourced from within our great country.

Grab a F-bomb and just chill the fuck out for a while babes- you know you deserve it! Or why not grab your lover a sexy love bomb and grab some tub time fun together – you know you want it. Our bombs will not disappoint on quality or fizz factor. Get your sexy luscious ass into a bath full of fizzing frothing goodness, turn the Spotify up and chill for 30 – you won’t regret that babes- promise!

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Why should your bathroom be boring when you’re not!

Here at Explicit Body Care, we are animal lovers and no product of ours is tested on animals or contain any animal products making them vegan friendly too! 

All our natural bath and body products are tested by us on willing friends and family …and mostly our own children!

All our cheeky natural bath and body products are made in Australia. We source all our natural ingredients from Australian suppliers and ensure that they are of the highest quality and meet all Australian guidelines. 

No bullshit here peeps… All Aussie homegrown!