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Suss-out the sassy sorceress & queen of funny gifts behind Explicit Body Care

Everybody has a cheeky side ….mine is just on display more often!

EBC -Bringing some much-needed lightheartedness and some funny gifts Australia wide .

We all have a cheeky side, right!  Everyone has a dirty mind – You know you do… even if you don’t want to admit it!! Here at Explicit Body Care we combine the two and create some cheeky bathing pleasure…I know you want to get that best friend a hilarious birthday present…whose mouth doesn’t go straight to the gutter when you and a few girlfriends get together over some vino …You might have a dirty mind but on the outside, you just want to be clean and smell as fresh as a daisy. We got you covered girlfriend!!

I created this brand for You because you are not boring! You are a sassy woman who lives life large, you are generous and kind and exciting but far from plain and pastel!

I’m loud, crazy, wickedly cheeky, punny, kind, generous, up and down and all those things that you are too! – I know that because you are reading this so something about Explicit Body Care clicks with you!

I hope to bring a smile to your gorgeous face with my range of cheeky pamper products and make your bathroom fun and cheeky. Why should your bathroom be boring when you’re not?

Explicit Body Care is proudly an Australian company with all products designed and made in Australia!

Hi, I’m Sandy, I’m the shop owner,  product photographer, shipper, marketer, designer, maker, and the customer services representative. Also, self-appointed cheeky Badass Bathroom Babe!

a few of our cheeky


Self care & SASS | Natural no Nasties | Laugh LOUD – life is too short to be serious all the time! 

🌶 Spice up your bathroom & delight yourself or your lover to some naughty but cleansing bathing treats. Self-care & SASS is where it’s at! We specialise in funny gifts Australia wide! Get in touch with us if you like what you see and want to get your grubby little hands on some seriously cheeky shit for your store – Your customers will love it​