Dirty Bath bombs that are seriously Badass! Full of natural goodness to give you the body treat you deserve from just

F Bomb inappropriate gift Bath bomb, natural handmade bath bomb pink and white. Explicit Body Care specialising in cheeky pamper products.
Love bomb inappropriate gifts australian made bath and beauty explicitbodycare.com.au
Bath salts, fizzing shower steamers. Luxury natural salt soak made with skin loving and body cleansing salts. Explicit Body Care specialising in bath and body products with a cheeky side.
Rockin Good Time Bath Rocks - $16.95

Cheeky Bath salts to soak your luscious body
from $17.95

All Australian natural dirty bath bombs and cheeky bath salts make great rude gifts. Why should your bathroom be boring when you’re not? Here at Explicit Body Care our bath bombs are made with all natural ingredients with no nasties. Packed full of skin nourishing and body loving ingredients like kaolin clay, magnesium salts and coconut oil to give you the body works treat you deserve! The bright, bold colours meet all Australian regulations and are cosmetic grade! – only the best will do for our Aussie mates! Grab some cheeky gifts for your fun loving friends and family and Earn best gift giver status this year!


Our Bath bombs are packed full of soothing and relaxing ingredients to help you wash away your cares and live to fight another day!


Wrapped in a recyclable film to prevent your bomb prematurely fizzing in your bathroom keeping it fresh for when you need it.

Explicit Body Care products are made fresh with no nasty preservatives we recommend using within 6 weeks of purchase so your bomb will perform at it’s best!

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Explicit Body Care is committed to making your shopping experience both easy to follow and full of inner cheeky behaviour! Whilst our labels are hilarious the products themselves are made with care and quality ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness and excellence. Our products are never tested on animals only willing human beings…mostly our own children!!

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If irritation occurs please discontinue use.