Just sud up



Australian handmade soap that doesn’t suck (unless you want it to 😉)

Get your dirty little hands onto some of our Natural Australian handmade soap with a cheeky side. For those who enjoy the dirty but love to be clean! Specialising in natural Australian Handmade Soap and FUN. Here at Explicit Body Care our soap is not only made from all natural ingredients but packed full of skin lovin’ oils that will make your booty sing! Olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran and sunflower oil will deeply cleanse and nourish your dry ass skin. Whilst our packaging is hilarious, making the perfect gag gift for your beauty lovin’ besties, our products are vegan friendly, handmade, cruelty free and 100% made in Australia from Australian ingredients – gotta love that! No imported crap here only the best for our Aussie mates!

Specialising in inappropriate gifts Australia wide! We are Proudly an Australian natural bath and body works range bringing you Australian made pamper products with a naughty twist…we pride ourselves on being natural, handmade and eco friendly. – Self Care & Sass is where it’s at!

Why should your bathroom be boring when you’re not!

Here at Explicit Body Care, we are animal lovers and no product of ours is tested on animals or contain any animal products making them vegan friendly too! 

All our natural bath and body products are tested by us on willing friends and family …and mostly our own children!

If your a funky little Australian shop owner and would love to have some of our cheeky soap on your shelves. Get in touch here…we love making new mates and getting our stuff into your awesome boutiques!

We all have a cheeky side, right!  Everyone has a dirty mind – You know you do… even if you don’t want to admit it!! Here at Explicit Body Care we combine the two and create some cheeky bathing pleasure…I know you want to get that best friend a hilarious birthday present…whose mouth doesn’t go straight to the gutter when you and a few girlfriends get together over some vino …You might have a dirty mind but on the outside, you just want to be clean and smell as fresh as a daisy. We got you covered girlfriend!!