Hi, I’m Sandy G, an everyday Aussie, wife and mum. In 2018, I decided to combine my wicked and cheeky sense of humour and  passion for quality, handmade, natural body care and “Voila” Explicit Body Care was born.  

I created this brand because I was tired of all the boring sameness in every store  or online when it came to self-care and pamper when I wanted a little me-time or to buy a gift for a friend.

Every product I came across would be pastel, soft pretty and all the same in terms of packaging. I don’t really fit with that image so I ended up buying nothing! I couldn’t make a decision nothing appealed to ME!

 I’m loud, crazy, wickedly cheeky, punny, kind, generous, up and down and all those things that you are too! – I know that cos you are reading this so something about Explicit Body Care clicks with you!

I hope to bring a smile to your gorgeous face with my range of cheeky natural pamper products and make your bathroom fun again. Why should your bathroom be boring when you’re not? 

Explicit Body Care is proudly an Australian company with all our products designed and made in Australia! 

Looking to wholesale?

Hit us up if you’re a seller of natural skin care products, we’d love to be a funky feature in your store!


Sandra is the founder of Explicit Body Care which specialises in cheeky natural skin care, body products and gift ideas for the fun friends in your life.